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Rear brake repair

When you go and have your IRS reconditioned, make sure you take the brakes apart before you mount them.

Looks good, even the upper paste is in and the pads were almost new
The piston did not move at all. ACHTUNG !! Some vor and back and it started moving.
Rest was done with air pressure.




Bad news right from the first cylinder, how is that possible.
„some“ corrosion, disaster right from the first unit
the other one as well
ALL four piston and cylinders are corroded, need to find out if they can be reconditioned
Same with the cylinders
you do not want to have these in your car
out of my sight please, maybe I can get them redone
Instead I remember that I found a nice set of SS on the other car
Even used and not driven for years …..
bright and shiny and with DUNLOP srubber seals
Will put these nice SS in there
Bright and shiny


The inner sill problem

Here we have the inner sill on the right hand side, this pic shows the seat belt mounting behind the passangers side.20140603_145655


Inner sill, passangers side, already pelaced ones but not good enough.2014-06-10 20.27.10

Here we have the inner sill on the left hand side, this pic shows the seat belt mounting behind the drivers side.20140417_200652

I made a repair panel for both sides 65 mm x 15 mm with 45° angle. Reinforced with a 2mm squared tube of 20×40 mm

First, the tube and panel are painted with anti corriosion.  20140610_161800

Section picture.20140610_161832

The tube is in the middle of the panel.20140610_161912

This goes all along the inner sill.20140610_161924

Some fine adjusting are required for better fitting.20140509_124720

Here a cross pic of the panel welded in, it goues right through till the inner back wheel fender20140523_135129

Protected and sealed with wachs.20140527_175839

Instead of the commercial angled nut holder, I made a 5 mm plate, drilles the two holes, welded the nuts and then the plate to the tube.20140523_182313

The inner mounting section I have bought from Robey, They only come in a pair of inner and outer mounts.


The rest is business as usual20140527_190231