Brake cylinder

The brake is something I have had some bad moments with. With my ’64 FHC I had a complete brake failure and nearly run into a bus after a descent. I was scared to death and did not want to touch the car anymore. But as I always want to fix it, I did a research.  Found out that one wheel cylinder was sized up and the reason I found here. Basically, the DUNLOP brake cylinder like to size up from corrosion caused by the water absorbed from the brake liquid and after standing in there for a while. 

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brake_master cylinder_4

brake_master cylinder_2

brake_master cylinder_1
Diaphragm, I wonder how the dirt got in there.
brake_master cylinder_9
Return spring, needs all to be overhauled




was luck to find  a NOS
was luck to find a NOS
an original Lookhead
an original Lookhead
gives me a better feeling, brakes can safe life
gives me a better feeling, brakes can safe life




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