The re-assembly

The assembly is considered as the joy part of the restoration. Well this is only partly true as we all are facing challenges which did not seem to be there. Especially the  wiring harness and all the electric seems to be as someone called a „black magic“IMG_20170807_182129_1

However, when you are doing a high end restoration one can be pretty confident that all will work at the end. Even though you will to address some extra attention to certain areas.IMG_20170809_152009

But, when you see the final result, you tend to forget the many many hours, swearing and sweating, the uncountable jobs you have done just because you mixed the order of mounting or simply forgot an  item to fix be mounted first.IMG_20170813_193110

Last but not least there is the TÜV or MOT as it is called in UK. When you import a car from oversea, they want to know it for sure what car it is and start measuring and checking everything.


Final step is the registration, which is also not a simple task. You better make sure you have all the documents, but most important the Certificate of Title.

In the end, when you have accomplished your task, you feel exhausted but satisfied at the same time.

Job done

follow me to my next challenge a 3.8 FHC


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